A set of exercises for weight loss: popular exercises for beginners

A set of exercises for weight loss will help you quickly get rid of excess body fat and tone your figure, giving your muscles a nice relief. In addition to the aesthetic impact, simple workouts contribute to overall health and strengthening of various body systems without expensive trips to the gym. With motivation, some free time, and certain exercise equipment, the perfect body is a very real goal.

exercises to lose weight

motivation and attitude

Even a good set of exercises, selected by competent specialists, will not have the expected effect if you do not prepare yourself psychologically for the training. If you decide to lose weight, you need to pay special attention to self-discipline and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Occasional and unsystematic exercise will not bring any benefits, so you need to make a schedule in advance and follow it.

Only a serious approach to training and positive emotions from the process will make home fitness effective. A negative attitude against the background of a lack of commitment does not bring any advantages.

equipment and warm-up

To equip a home gym, foldable dumbbells with adjustable weight, a carpet and a narrow bench (preferably with a springy cover) are enough. Clothing and shoes made of "breathable" fabrics that do not restrict movement are preferred.

Each set of weight loss exercises includes a preliminary warm-up. Intense loads on unheated muscles are fraught with serious injuries. Running or brisk walking in place for 5 minutes helps prepare the body for work. Then you need to perform a series of inclines (3 minutes in each direction), and it is desirable to complete the warm-up with exercises for the shoulder girdle. Rotating movements of the hands and imitation of different swimming styles are suitable for this for 7 minutes.

Basic exercises

Not all possible exercises for working on excess weight are listed below, but such a basic complex is very effective and suitable for beginners. If certain results are achieved, the training program can be significantly expanded.

  • One of the most effective exercises for weight loss in the hips and buttocks are squats. Standing in the starting position, you should squat down deeply as you inhale, keeping your back straight. When you return to the starting position, exhale. Do 3 sets of 20 squats with 1 minute rest between sets. After a few weeks, you can add dumbbells in the form of a weight.
  • Lunges also help slim the hips. When you take a big step forward with your left foot, you need to touch the ground with your right knee. The hands are on the waist. The lunge begins with inspiration, exhalation occurs when returning to the starting position. The legs should be alternated. Start with 15 lunges per approach, eventually increasing to 30. Perform 3 sets.
  • In order to tone the muscles that support the chest (to maintain their shape while losing weight), the following exercise is performed. Lying with your back on the bench, both hands should be spread apart with the dumbbells clamped on your inhalation. Bring them across your chest as you exhale. Performed 10-12 times, 3 sets per workout.
  • Lying on your back and holding your hands on the sofa (for fixation), raise your legs bent at the knees as high as possible on the exhale. Inhale as you lower your legs. This exercise tightens the abdomen and narrows the waist.
  • For the abdominal muscles, abdominal exercises are the most effective. Having fixed the legs bent at the knees and put your hands behind your head, you need to raise your torso and try to touch your knees with your elbows. Exhalation occurs when bending the upper body, and inhalation occurs when returning to the starting position.
  • Hoop exercises are extremely effective in fighting waist and hip fat and cellulite. You must spin the tire continuously for at least 10 minutes.


In addition to physical activity, special attention should be paid to daily nutrition and revised in favor of a healthy diet. Training is useless if you continue to indulge in high-calorie foods and don't institute weekly fasts.